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Past Events

13th November: Interfaith Question Time at Cardiff University

14th November: SpeedFaithing at Edinburgh University

15th November: SpeedFaithing at Oxford University

16th November: Interfaith Shabbat at Durham University

16th November: Interfaith Shabbat at Sussex University

‘Interfaith Shabbat’,

Cambridge University


Birmingham University

‘Purim, Ayyám-i-Há and Lent’,

Durham University

“It was encouraging to see such interest among the attendees in learning about other faiths and reflecting on their own.”

“If there is one thing that working towards interfaith engagement on campus has taught me, it is the need to harness the buzz and the energy that follows an event to make sure that discussion continues beyond that event.”

“Unity does not require us to paralyse our beautiful heterogeneity as a community of humans, unity requires us to celebrate and cherish our differences and this is why we gathered together.”


‘Faith in the home’,

Nottingham University

‘Faith & Feminism’,

Sussex University

‘Food, Faith, and Friendship’,

Liverpool University

“Building communication and open dialogue between faiths is essential.”

An opportunity to “see the progress that women have made in Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and Humanist communities, their struggles, and how they have come to understand their place in the world not only as a woman, but as a woman of faith.”

“It is great to have met some new friends, help those in need and gain insight into the different faith perspectives on the significance of food, faith and friendship”

‘Hate Speech and Religious Conflict’,

St. Andrews University

‘Mental Health and Faith’,

Bristol University

‘CommUNity Night’,

Coventry University

“We felt that we had really contributed to the level of interfaith discussion on campus, on a topic that needs more attention and debate.”

“Mental health is important to everyone, regardless of whether you’re religious, agnostic or a devout atheist.”

“We’d like to thank CCJ for your dedication to helping us provide interfaith and training on our campus.”

‘Interfaith Formal’,

Oxford University

‘Scriptural Reasoning’,

LSE University

‘Introduction to four Abrahamic  religions’,

Sussex University

“It is encouraging to see so many students keen to make Interfaith Formals a regular initiative to build strong relationships between faith students at Oxford.”

“It was delightful to see a real development of the level of engagement between faith societies.”

“An eye opening experience to many who remarked on both their surprise and fascination by different aspects of these religions, such as the global reach of Bahá’í, and the long process of conversion to Judaism.”

‘Interfaith Quiz’,

Durham University

Holocaust Memorial Day Trust National Ceremony Orthodox Christianity talk,

Cambridge University


“The feedback I received was that this was a very positive experience for some of the people who had barely engaged in interaction with anyone from another faith before … this event certainly contributed to the strength of interfaith relations on campus.”

“The ceremony and reception afterwards left me with much to reflect on and has challenged me to learn more about and better understand genocides of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.”

“Students attending this event were positive that among any groups holding different religious beliefs, a positive relationship is possible if it is the will from both sides in future generations.”