Nostra Aetate
Latin Version:
1974 Guidelines:
1985 Notes:
2001 Document: “The Jewish People and their Sacred Scriptures in the Christian Bible” by the Pontifical Biblical Commission:
“Nostra Aetate 50 Years On” – Ed Kessler
Summary of Key Points

We are currently completing a joint Jewish-Christian booklet that will suggest guidelines as to where sensitivities lie with regard to Israel.

Children of Zion: Jewish and Christian Perspectives on the Holy Land (Woolf Institute):
Historical Guide to the Conflict by the Council on Foreign Relations:
Israel: Six Lenses (Response Curriculum from the Jewish Education Center of Cleveland, USA):
Kairos Palestine:
Kairos Britain:
Land of Promise (Anglican exploration of Christian attitudes to Holy Land):

Holocaust Memorial Day 2016 resources for Christian clergy: Holocaust Memorial Day 2016