‘Everything you always wanted to know about Judaism but were afraid to ask’?

Four rabbis, sixteen questions, answers to many of those questions you always wanted to ask a rabbi.

Rabbis talk afterlife, Messiah, antisemitism, democracy, Jesus, women, modernity, Christianity, homosexuality, Holocaust, diversity, interfaith and more…

Video clips from four rabbis – Orthodox, Reform, Liberal and Masorti. Listen and learn.

What is the concept of Messiah in Judaism today?
How do British Jews see Christianity?
What do you think are the biggest obstacles to developing greater understanding between Judaism and Christianity?
Is Judaism a religion of doing rather than believing?
What is the role of women in contemporary Judaism?
How far does the Holocaust still affect Judaism today?
What do Jews think of Jesus?
Do Jews believe in the afterlife?
How has Judaism responded to the challenges of the Enlightenment and modernity?
How do Jews see the Holy Spirit?
What are the different forms of Judaism today?
What is the role of a rabbi?
Does Judaism support a particular political vision for the UK?
What are Jewish attitudes towards homosexuality?
How do Jews today see the Day of Atonement?
How worried are British Jews about antisemitism today?

This video series was produced by and in partnership with STETS (the Southern Theological Education and Training Scheme).

Rabbi Mark Solomon1
Rabbi Mark Solomon is Interfaith Consultant for Liberal Judaism, Rabbi of the
Edinburgh and Manchester Liberal Jewish Communities, and Lecturer in Talmud at Leo Baeck College. He is Co-Chairman of the London Society of Jews and Christians and of the Interfaith Alliance UK.

Rabbi Debbie Young-Somers1
Rabbi Debbie Young-Somers is Community Educator at the Movement for Reform Judaism, having previously worked as a congregational Rabbi at West London Synagogue. She has also spent 15 years volunteering in and working in Interfaith initiatives, including for the Council of Christians and Jews.
Debbie Young-Somers’ blog: http://rabbidebbie.blogspot.co.uk/

Rabbi Wittenberg1
Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg is Rabbi of the New North London Synagogue and Senior Rabbi of Masorti Judaism. He is the author of several books including in 2013, Walking with the Light: From Frankfurt to Finchley.
Jonathan Wittenberg’s blog: http://jonathanwittenberg.org/

Rabbi David Lister is an Orthodox rabbi currently serving as rabbi of
Edgware United Synagogue, London. He studied for the rabbinate in Manchester and Jerusalem and served previously in Reading and Muswell Hill synagogues. In 2011 he attained an MA in Jewish Education from the University of London and his book Intergalactic Judaism was published by Urim Publications. In 2013 he was appointed chaplain to the mayor of Barnet.
More on David Lister:

Each of the rabbis contributing is speaking as an individual.
Their views are not necessarily representative of their movements or of CCJ.