Annual seminar for clergy and church leaders at Yad Vashem, Jerusalem                                        

In 2017 CCJ will lead their 10th annual seminar for Christian clergy and church leaders at the International School for Holocaust Studies at Yad Vashem, Jerusalem.

This unique and heavily subsidised programme offers ordained and lay leaders from churches in the UK the opportunity to learn more about the Holocaust and take that learning back into their churches and communities.

Participants will stay in Jerusalem for 10 days, engage in workshops, hear lectures led by world-leading scholars, and listen to a survivor of the Holocaust.

The seminar provides an opportunity to:

  • Examine in depth aspects of the Holocaust carried out in Nazi Europe
  • Consider issues such as humanity, suffering, evil, forgiveness and redemption
  • Reflect on past, present and future relations between Jews and Christians, including historic anti-Judaism within the Church and the role of the Church during the Holocaust
  • Consider the lessons for society today in tackling prejudice and hatred
  • Visit significant sites in the Holy Land

The seminar costs just £350 per participant.

For more information contact CCJ Programme Manager Rob Thompson at rob.thompson@ccj.org.uk


The Holocaust: its relevance to every Christian by Peter Chave was first published by CCJ in 2001 and reprinted in 2016 and is a vital resource for Christians and a valuable introduction to the issues discussed on the Yad Vashem seminar. Peter explores the reasons why Christians must engage with the Holocaust, the complicated history of anti-Judaism in the Church, and the need for dialogue and cooperation between Christians and Jews today. To order a copy for £3 please contact the CCJ office.