This initiative aims to raise awareness of antisemitism within the Christian community and to encourage Christian communities to reach out to their local Jewish community, creating a network of support and solidarity that can respond to antisemitic incidents in real time. In conjunction with our If Not Now When initiative encouraging the Jewish community to reflect on the persecution of Christians in the Middle East, we are bringing the communities closer together through profound engagement with one another’s key issues.

When CCJ was founded in 1942 by Chief Rabbi Joseph Hertz and Archbishop William Temple, one of its core aims was to combat antisemitism, and, through increasing dialogue between Jews and Christians, to educate against the ignorance that causes and allows for antisemitism to continue. Today that aim remains as important as ever.

Statistics show that the number of reported antisemitic attacks more than doubled from 2013 to 2014 and while the renewed violence in Gaza was offered as a rationale for this spike, it found this was still within a growing trend of antisemitism. CCJ understands antisemitism to be a key issue facing not only Jewish people but society as a whole and with this in mind we recognise that tackling antisemitism can be a key area of cooperation and unity between the Jewish and Christian communities in the UK.

Some successes and future encounters include:


If you have any ideas for projects to run in your communities or would like help facilitating a local project on this issue, please contact us


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