Freedom Seder

CCJ’s Freedom Seder Haggadah Companion is now available to download for free here


Having spoken extensively with members and stakeholders around the country, a key issue that we have identified of importance to both the Christian and Jewish community is that of human trafficking. Both of our traditions highlight the importance of justice in society and the equality of all people, and thus tackling the issue of modern slavery and human trafficking is an area where as Jews and Christians together, we can put our shared values to work to benefit society.

According to the UN office on Drugs and Crime, human trafficking is the fastest growing international crime, the fastest growing means by which people are enslaved and the fastest growing source of income for organised crime.

In order to combat this we are producing the first interfaith Freedom Seder to highlight the issue of human trafficking and modern slavery to Jews, Christians and people of all faiths and none. It is building on our work with Stop The Traffik on Freedom Sunday, a global day of Christian worship and action on human trafficking which some Jewish communities also began participating in from 2015, through CCJ.

The Freedom Seder will bring together elements of a traditional Jewish Seder and modern reflections on social justice through our bespoke Haggadah companion. It will use the Seder as a springboard for thought and reflection on the issues of human trafficking and modern slavery, comprising respect for the traditional ceremonies and flexibility in the rituals. It is not a demonstration or a model, but an invitation to use the Seder as a framework to think more deeply and spiritually about these issues in an interfaith context.

We know that this is an issue that resonates with many of our members and we want to support local initiatives and action wherever we can. If you have any ideas for projects to run in your communities or would like help facilitating a local project on this issue, please contact us.