CCJ works in three areas: Education, Dialogue and Social Action together with key stakeholders: branch members who represent us in every corner of the UK, future CCJ leaders (students and young adults); Christian and Jewish clergy of all denominations, and Christian and Jewish communities working together through innovative social action programmes.

CCJ facilitates interaction between Jews and Christians to encourage closer ties between both communities.

At the heart of dialogue are our branch members and CCJ reinforces support for this work through online resources and an annual members’ conference. Dialogue also takes place on a more overtly theological level through CCJ’s Theology Group. CCJ also runs a Campus Leaders programme on university campuses to encourage interfaith dialogue and respect amongst students. This programme aims to help educate the next generation of community leaders in both the religious and wider world on interfaith matters. Some of the dialogue events we are planning for this year include:

  • Annual branch representatives Day Conference;
  • Facilitated conversations between all denominations of Jewish and Christian clergy on a wide range of important issues;
  • Holding a symposium specifically for leading Jewish and Christian clergy around theological questions that challenge both communities;
  • Campus events organised by our CCJ Campus Leaders;
  • Producing educational material, including a comprehensive handbook, which will suggest guidelines for those who wish to educate about the conflict as to where sensitivities on both sides lie. CCJ is working with many partners in its development of programmes relating to Israel-Palestine dialogue, in order that all voices are represented in this important discussion.