As part of our new strategy, CCJ is launching a series of national campaigns in which we can put our shared values into practical action. Through these campaigns we aim to build bridges between the Christian and Jewish communities while also tackling key issues to have a positive impact on the wider society. For 2015, our two key campaign areas are:

  • Still An Issue – A Jewish-Christian Response to Antisemitism
  • Human Trafficking

Both of these are central issues affecting society today and we believe we can have more of an impact by standing together to actively confront them. Please click on the links above for more information on either of these or to sign up to show your support.

Still An Issue – A Jewish-Christian Response to Antisemitism

When CCJ was founded in 1942 by ChStillAnIssueSmallief Rabbi Joseph Hertz and Archbishop William Temple, one of its core aims was to combat antisemitism, and, through increasing dialogue between Jews and Christians, to educate against the ignorance that causes and allows for antisemitism to continue. Today that aim remains as important as ever.

Statistics show that the number of reported antisemitic attacks more than doubled from 2013 to 2014 and while the renewed violence in Gaza was offered as a rationale for this spike, it found this was still within a growing trend of antisemitism. CCJ understands antisemitism to be a key issue facing not only Jewish people but society as a whole and with this in mind we recognise that tackling antisemitism can be a key area of cooperation and unity between the Jewish and Christian communities in the UK.
To tackle this we are:

  • Holding a Lunch Seminar on 23rd March with Danny Stone, Director of the PCAA and Mark Gardner, Director of Communications at the CST, discussing their recent reports.
  • Holding a high profile launch event for the campaign in June.
  • Providing regular updates on issues relating to antisemitism to ensure people stay informed.
  • Offering speakers to visit our local branches to discuss these issues.

We want to demonstrate that antisemitism is still an issue for both the Jewish and Christian communities. To this end, please do sign up to show your support here and join our social media campaign, #StillAnIssue. If you have any ideas for projects to run in your communities or would like help facilitating a local project on this issue, please contact us

Campaign Against Human Trafficking

Having spoken extensively with members and stakeholders around the country, a key issue that we have identified of importance to both the Christian and Jewish community is that of human trafficking. Both of our traditions highlight the importance of justice in society and the equality of all people, and we feel it is our duty as Jews and Christians together to take a stand against modern slavery and human trafficking.

According to the UN office on Drugs and Crime, human trafficking is the fastest growing international crime, the fastest growing means by which people are enslaved and the fastest growing source of income for organised crime.

In order to tackle this we are:

  • Producing resources and reflections on human trafficking that can be used around Lent and Easter.
  • Taking part in Freedom Sunday, a global day of prayer and action on the issue of human trafficking. We will be producing a set of cross communal resources around these issues that can be used in communities as part of this, in collaboration with Stop The Traffik.
  • Inviting speakers to discuss human trafficking and the issues around it at our Branch Members Conference in September.

We know that this is an issue that resonates with many of our members and we want to support local initiatives and action wherever we can. If you have any ideas for projects to run in your communities or would like help facilitating a local project on this issue, please contact us