Lent, for Christians, is a period of intense preparation for the Easter season. For forty days (excluding Sundays), from Ash Wednesday until Easter day, Christians are called to enter a spiritual pilgrimage, echoing the number of days Jesus experienced in the desert after his baptism, and following Jesus’ example of fasting, prayer, obedience to God and resisting temptation. This time of reflection and prayer is not solely inward looking, but a time to observe the world around us, to examine the part we play as individuals and communities of faith in reflecting God’s love of humanity.

CCJ’s series of reflections and prayers for use by Christians will be available here each week of Lent. The theme is ‘My Brother’s Keeper’, moving on a journey from wilderness to finding common ground, and seeking to respond in love as the Easter celebration of renewal and life approaches.


This year’s Lent resource is produced by Miriam Fife,  Ordinand currently on placement with CCJ.

Picture reproduced by kind permission of the artist, Richard Stott.


Week 1 In the Wilderness

Week 2 Encounters

Week 3 Common Ground

Week 4 Peace and the presence of God

Week 5 Freedom

Week 6 Responding in love