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The Talmud (tractate Gittin 59b) declares that “the whole Torah is for the sake of peace ” and goes on to detail Jewish responsibilities to care for non-Jews accordingly.

Maimonides codifies these responsibilities towards others who are not part of our community not only on the basis that “the ways of the Torah are ways of peace” (Proverbs 3:17) but that such action is emulating the Divine Attributes – just as the Creator is compassionate to all (Psalm 145:9), so must we be.

Jewish response on behalf of endangered Christian communities is especially pertinent during this fiftieth anniversary year since the Vatican issued the document “Nostra Aetate” ushering in such a positive transformation in teaching and attitudes towards Jews and Judaism.

In this new era of Christian-Jewish friendship, we have additional responsibility of responding to the call of our friends and partners in response to this crisis and urgent need.