After 75 years, CCJ remains the leading nationwide forum for Jewish/Christian engagement and a model for other communities and organisations around the UK. Our far- reaching programmes are delivered by a small but extremely dedicated team to minimize overheads. We need your support to continue this important work. We value every gift we receive, and thank you for your generosity. 


These are just a few examples of CCJ’s vital work to promote understanding and relationships between Christian and Jewish communities and other faith and community groups:

  • CCJ is building a strong and well-resourced annual UK programme for the now over 200 Alumni of CCJ’s bespoke Yad Vashem Seminar for Christian Clergy at the International School for Holocaust Studies in Jerusalem. Over the next year we are delivering three national events for Christian clergy including a conference at the National Holocaust Centre. The programme, now in its 10th year, continues to be oversubscribed each year, testament to the interest in Holocaust Education in Christian communities and to the success of the programme.
  • After less than a year, CCJ’s Campus Leadership Programme has become an established and important part of Campus life across the UK. This year we trained 6 campus leaders who were active on 5 campuses. Next year we are hoping to train up to 18 new leaders who will be active on 10 campuses. As well as leading their own events on campus, student leaders attended our national Freedom Seder and the National Holocaust Memorial Day Event; wrote blogs and media articles throughout the year and presented their work at CCJ’s annual Presidents’ meeting at Lambeth Palace.
  • We have recently returned from CCJ’s second Christian/Jewish leadership delegation to Israel and the West Bank, where participants had the opportunity to hear from different voices in the region. This assists their work in their respective leadership roles back in the UK. Alumni from the trip continue to meet throughout the year to discuss core issues relating to the conflict within a framework of respect and trust.
  • This year CCJ hosted its inaugural Freedom Seder, attended by over 70 faith leaders and activists. A bespoke Haggadah companion was designed and written specifically for the event as is now available as a downloadable resource on our website. Building on the success of this event, CCJ will develop this into an annual Social Action campaign, with slightly different focuses year on year.
  • CCJ has been training Christian clergy in colleges around the UK and has created dialogue groups for Rabbis and Clergy from various denominations. In the coming year we will hold the first CCJ Rabbis and Christian Clergy conference, involving members, stakeholders and representatives of all denominations from both communities.
  • The CCJ office continues to be a source of information and advice for members and the general public on a range of issues affecting churches, synagogues and communities.

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