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Bishop Michael Ipgrave, Chair of CCJ stated:

“On behalf of the Diocese of Lichfield, I would like to express my deep sadness at Hannah’s death and offer my sympathy and prayers for her family at this terrible time.

Hannah played an active part in the life of her local church in Burton where she was a server. My thoughts are with her church family in Burton. Through the Dean of Lichfield, we have also made contact with St George’s Cathedral in Jerusalem and asked for prayers to be offered for Hannah there tomorrow.”

The Revd Preb Michael Freeman, vicar at Hannah’s church, said:

“Hannah was an active member of St John’s Church, Horninglow, and was known in the wider Christian community. We are shocked and saddened at her death. We, an extended family, are doing all we can to support her close family and friends in their devastating grief.We are sure they will appreciate a respect for their privacy.

“Hannah worshipped at St John’s, as do others in her family. She was confirmed at the church, served at the altar, belonged to the youth group and a teenagers’ discussion group. She had a lively mind, eager to explore the Christian faith. She took part in the study groups involving people from St John’s and St Thomas’ Methodist Church, and her contributions were always perceptive. She was never afraid to ask challenging questions. She was keen to help in practical ways, and would befriend people who seemed to be on their own. A vocation to ordained ministry was a real possibility.The church on earth has lost a faithful servant.”