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CCJ welcomes the efforts made by the Church of Scotland to engage with the Jewish community in Scotland and more widely in compiling this document. CCJ also notes the way in which the authors of this report have sought to acknowledge the complexities and challenges facing ordinary Israelis and Palestinians after many decades of conflict. The depth and breadth of analysis provided in the report is commendable.

However, suggestions from the World Mission Council and the Church and Society Council that the Church of Scotland might consider a departure from the commonly held support for a two state solution are concerning, as is the discussion of using economic leverage in this report. We would suggest that these actions do not tally with the thoughtful nature of much of the report and would not be helpful in promoting peace and justice within Israel and Palestine, or in developing relationships between Christian and Jewish communities here in the UK.

CCJ supports and welcomes respectful dialogue between Christians and Jews in Scotland and across Britain, in particular with regard to this most sensitive of issues. CCJ re-affirms support for a two state solution, enabling peace, justice and security for both Israelis and Palestinians, and for individuals and organisations working to this end in the Holy Land and worldwide.