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As Christians and Jews together we condemn the acts of violence against any people simply because of their religion; sadly these are becoming an increasingly regular occurrence. The past week has seen inexcusable attacks against religious communities from the murder of three Muslim students in the USA to the shootings of innocent civilians, among them Jews, in Copenhagen and the execution of Coptic Christians in Libya. We have been shocked and appalled by each of these events and are concerned by their increasing frequency.

Freedom of religion is one of our inalienable human rights and any attack based on a person’s religion or ethnicity can never be justified. Now more than ever we need to foster greater understanding and cooperation between religious communities to prevent such attacks from becoming normalised and to help us to support one another when terrible events such as these arise.

We stand united with the Jewish and Christian communities worldwide in supporting the Jewish community in Copenhagen and Christians across the Middle East, and wish to offer our condolences to the families and communities affected by these tragedies. We pray that religious communities across the world can live in security and peace without fear of being attacked for their religious belief or practice.