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Four candidates standing for NUS positions in this week’s National Conference have been found to have made antisemitic posts or comments on social media. Over the last year antisemitism has been a problem that has repeatedly appeared within the NUS, and it is disturbing that more antisemitism is being uncovered.

As an organisation NUS works to protect students from all forms of discrimination and therefore it is particularly disturbing to have candidates who incited violence against Jews. We appreciate that those standing for election who have been accused of antisemitism have publicly renounced and apologised for those comments. But in order to truly show a commitment to tackling antisemitism and removing it from student discourse, candidates must demonstrate a full willingness to engage with all Jewish students, listen to their concerns and ensure they feel safe on campus, as they must for all other students.

CCJ continues to work with students of all faiths through our Campus Leadership Programme encouraging engagement and respect among religious groups on campus.