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615756 About 40 people gathered to hear an interesting talk and watch an informative film about aliyah – the Jewish people leaving the country where they live and making a new life in Israel. Phil Lumley and Rod Langston each gave a short presentation on different aspects of the work of Operation Exodus. They also showed a 12 minute film “Regathering the Exiles” which highlights the work of the Christian organisation that has helped over 135,000 Jewish people making aliyah since 1991.

The work is entirely funded by voluntary contributions from Christians in 40 countries, so it is truly international. The work in the UK has been endorsed by the Israeli Ambassador to the UK and also the Head of the Jewish agency in UK for aliyah and absorption.

615759Phil says “it’s a privilege to work with the Jewish people and serve them. We don’t evangelise the Jewish people or criticise Israel. We are helping to break down stereotypes and promote dialogue between Christians and Jewish people.” He continued “Prayer is vital in our work. If we don’t pray, it doesn’t happen! We are also continually having to dialogue and re-educate about anti-Semitism and Replacement Theology.”

Phil quipped “We are not praying for the Jewish people in the South London (Streatham) Branch to make aliyah though, as we enjoy the CCJ meetings and want them to continue!”