CCJ South-West London & Dittons – Diversity within the three Abrahamic faiths

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A little reminder – Please join us, Thursday May 9th – From Moses to Modernity! Following the very successful and enlightening February talk on Islam with Dr Chris Hewer, we are now on to the second of our talks on diversity within the three Abrahamic faiths.  We can promise you enlightenment and amusement as our highly talented… Read more »

CCJ South West London and Dittons: Hate Speech in our Universities

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Over 50 members and friends heard our 3 young speakers address different perspectives of what was going and on and hopes for an improved future – Josh Nagli, Campaigns Director of the Union of Jewish Students; Katherine Crew, Campus Leadership manager, CCJ:, Binyomin Gilbert , programme manager, Campaign against Antisemetism Those present generously donated over… Read more »