Introduction to CCJ Oxford by Chairman Emeritus Wendy Fidler

CCJ Oxford’s programme of events is varied if nothing else! It ranges from speakers, an annual film evening, a Rabbis versus Vicars quiz night, to a book evening, an annual social and musical summer evening, to name just a few. Over the last year one of our most important events was the biannual Yom HaShoah, the Holocaust Commemoration, held at the Oxford Jewish Centre (OJC). The Synagogue is packed – not an empty seat! This year Mrs Renata Calverley, a Holocaust survivor spoke most movingly about her miraculous escape from Poland to the UK, to a happier life.

Surprisingly, it is challenging to find Jewish people who are prepared to become involved in the work of CCJ. Maybe this is because some are unaware of the crucial and active role played by CCJ in supporting the British Jewish community and combating antisemitism. This role truly is important in the current political climate as well as in immediately responding to incidents of antisemitism wherever it raises its ugly head. This dialogue between Christians and Jews remains of vital importance and I would implore you to come forward to join us. We are fortunate to have a very active branch here in Oxford where both Christians and Jews work positively together.

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Without any doubt, the Old Law was good
September 8th 2015.
Thomas Aquinas on the Torah as a good form of life and worship.
Speaker: Dr Richard Conrad OP, Director of the Aquinas Institute

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