Rabbi Mason’s Sermon on Kol Nidrei

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I would like to share with you two of my ancestors, both Rabbis, who greatly inspired me. My great grandfather, Rabbi Emanuel Mayersohn was Rabbi in Jewish community of Rastaat in Baden Wurtemberg in the early 20th century. His daughter, my great Auntie would tell me that on Sundays, he would often go into the… Read more »

Rabbi Mason’s Sermon on Rosh Hashana

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THE IMPORTANCE OF CRYING   I remember well Rosh Hashana in my days at Yeshiva. They were stressful and nervous occasions. Of course it was a chag. But up at about 6.30am to pray – and for someone who finds getting up earlier difficult it was torture – and then finished by well after 1pm…. Read more »

CCJ Student Leader Reflects on The Dialogue Perspectives Scholarship Programme

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I recently attended the Autumn Seminar of the Dialogue Perspectives scholarship programme in Brandenburg (Havel), Germany, organised by the Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich Studienwerk (ELES). The programme was mainly for scholarship students at German universities, but for the first time they opened up the programme for participants from the UK, Luxembourg, Poland, Hungary and Sweden. The… Read more »

CCJ Deputy Director Reflects on the 2019 Yad Vashem Seminar

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Since returning from CCJ’s Yad Vashem study trip, I have often thought of a particular monument there: the Valley of the Communities, a 2.5 acre memorial dug out of the hillside, featuring the names of Jewish communities lost in the Holocaust. Warsaw, Lodz, Berlin, Kiev…the names of more than 500 communities are carved into the… Read more »


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This Sunday evening marks the start of the seven-day Jewish festival Sukkot. The Hebrew word Sukkot translates as ‘tabernacles’ or ‘booths’ and commemorates the 40-year period during which the Jewish people were wandering in the desert, living nomadically in frail huts[1]. In remembrance of this period of displacement, and the way in which Gd provided… Read more »