Introducing Rabbi Mason, our Jewish Honorary Secretary

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As a senior Rabbi for 15 years, in both Kingston-upon-Thames and for the last 10 years in Muswell Hill, I have made one of my rabbinic priorities, the development of strong inter faith relationships. With this in mind, I played a strong part in the Kingston Inter Faith Forum, building strong connections with a number… Read more »

Reflections on Sukkot and Universalism

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The Jewish festival of Sukkot begins on the eve of 23 September and lasts for eight days.Here, Rabbi Barry Kleinberg reflects on the festival. To learn more about Sukkot, click here. Alan Brill wrote a book called Judaism and Other Religions: Models for Understanding. He clearly sets out 4 models for such an understanding. In… Read more »

Yom Kippur: Meditation in the Belly of a Whale

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As Yom Kippur approaches, Jews are involved in self-reflection and self improvement. We navigate our way from the Day of Judgement (Rosh HaShana) through the Ten Days of Repentance, until we reach the pinnacle of human self-awareness and humility — then we atone for twenty-five hours on Yom Kippur. We separate ourselves out from ordinary… Read more »