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 CCJ Oxford: Interfaith research Contemporary Jewish Dialogue in Oxford: things aren’t quite what they seem On 6th September at the Oxford Jewish Centre, to a packed audience, Wendy Fidler presented findings from her study of contemporary Jewish attitudes to interfaith involvement, a study based on interviews with volunteers from the Jewish community in Oxford. An… Read more »

Deep Calls To Deep: Transforming Conversations Between Jews And Christians

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Contributors: Joy Barrow, Tony Bayfield CBE, Teresa Brittain, Wendy Fidler MBE, David F. Ford OBE, David Gillett, Jeremy Gordon, Michael Hilton, Natan Levy, Patrick Morrow, Alan Race, Stephen Roberts, Vivian Silverman, Elli Tikvah Sarah, Steve Williams, Alexandra Wright, Debbie Young-Somers Available from SCM Press:

Moral and Spiritual Dilemmas in Challenging Times

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Moral and Spiritual Dilemmas in Challenging Times is a new study guide that encourages discussion groups to delve into divisive issues such as nationalism, populism and extremism from a faith perspective. It is published in collaboration with the educational foundation, Cumberland Lodge. Guest contributors include the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, Senior Rabbi of… Read more »

Reflections on Chanukah

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The festival of Chanukah begins this year on 12 December and lasts for eight nights. Chanukah celebrates the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem. Jews around the world will gather to light candles, play traditional games, and eat festive foods. Traditionally a minor festival, Chanukah has gained more prominence in modern times, as its message… Read more »