CCJ North London: AGM 2018

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North London branch of CCJ held its AGM on the afternoon of Sunday October 7th 2018 at Clapton Methodist Church. Our audience of some 30 people included members of the branch, visitors from local churches as well as local councilors including the Speaker of Hackney. After the relatively informal AGM we were addressed by the… Read more »

‘Being in the world’: exploring the meaning of Pesach

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The upcoming festival of Pesach (Passover) begins the yearly cycle of the Three Pilgrimage Festivals, when historically Jews visited the Temple in Jerusalem to offer seasonal produce. However, were you to ask any primary school aged Jewish child what the festival of Pesach celebrates, they would inevitably reply: ‘the exodus of the Jews from slavery… Read more »

Devar Torah a Reflection on Leviticus 1:1-5:26

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Devar Torah – Parashat Vayiqra The first word of Leviticus means: “and he called”. This book begins with a call from the Eternal to Moses, which we may understand as an invitation by the Eternal to establish a relationship with human beings. But who is inviting whom? The first verse of Leviticus mentions that the… Read more »

Reflection on Rabbi/Clergy Conference by Student Rabbi Iris Ferreira

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A Reflection on CCJ’s First Rabbi-Clergy Conference On 12 March CCJ celebrated its 75th Anniversary with a milestone event. For the first time ever, rabbis and clergy from every corner of the United Kingdom, totalling 17 denominations, met in Manchester to discuss current issues impacting on interfaith relationships within their communities. The day’s agenda dealt… Read more »

Shavuot reflection

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Unlike the other major Jewish festivals, Shavuot lacks a unique obligation mandated by the Torah with strong symbolic resonance. On Sukkot Jewish people dwell in the temporary, wooden ‘Sukkot’ booths and shake the lulav and etrog (the four species of date-palm, willow, myrtle and citron fruit); on Pesach Jewish people are required to forgo eating… Read more »