Banner young peopleThe Council of Christians and Jews (CCJ) is the leading nationwide forum for Christian-Jewish engagement:

  • celebrating the history and diversity of both communities,
  • facilitating constructive dialogue,
  • enabling meaningful learning experiences; and
  • providing opportunities for transformative change.

This engagement takes place in communities across UK through our branches as well as through our programmes.

There are three tranches to CCJ’s programmatic work: Education, Dialogue and Social Action.
When facilitating Christian-Jewish engagement, CCJ ensures that the following core values remain central:

  • Promoting understanding
  • Valuing difference
  • Demonstrating empathy and respect
  • Challenging prejudices

Our History
CCJ was founded in 1942 by Chief Rabbi Joseph H. Hertz and Archbishop William Temple. The aim was for Jews and Christians to meet together in local groups, to understand each other a little better and to recognise the humanity in the other. Since then, local branches have continued this pattern and the leaders of Christian and Jewish denominations in the UK have served as CCJ Presidents.

CCJ’s archives are held at the Parkes Institute.

Her Majesty the Queen has been the Patron of CCJ since 1952.

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