14/04/2014 12:00am
Pesach (Passover) is the annual festival of the liberation of the People of Israel from slavery in Egypt, as recorded in Exodus. The 'seder' - the ordered ritual meal on 1st and 2nd nights - is laden with meaning of practical and spiritual liberation. Pesach requires a lot of preparation as homes must be free of all 'chametz' - yeast and yeast-containing produce. Pesach lasts for 8 days, although work can be performed on days 3-7 (2-7 in Israel).
28/04/2014 7:30pm
CCJ Oxford and Oxford Jewish Congregation join together in this solemn remembrance of the Holocaust. Testimony, music and Hebrew prayers are woven together in this moving ceremony. Post event refreshments.
30/04/2014 8:00pm
Jacob Vince of Christian Friends of Israel will give an overview of varying views and the information they draw upon. This will also be CCJ Staines AGM.
07/05/2014 2:30pm
Speaker: Robert Feather. A talk about the spear that pierced the side of Jesus.

CCJ launches an interactive web portal

CCJ has launched a pioneering online resource for Christians and Jews to engage online about issues regarding interfaith and the roles which Judaism and Christianity play in public life.

The website Portico is aimed at 18-30 year olds, and invites Christian and Jewish writers from across the country to share their thoughts and opinions on contemporary issues and debates. Subscribers have unlimited access to online discussions and resources providing comment, interviews, podcasts and a list of conferences and programmes of study in the UK.

Just one month after the announced CCJ Student Presidents (CCJSP) network across UK universities, Portico has been created to provide an outlet for the younger generation to connect from university to university and achieve tangible outcomes locally.

Stephen Innes, Editor of Portico says: “Portico has been created to raise awareness of the roles that Judaism and Christianity play in public life. In particular, it is aimed at a generation which is emerging from a decidedly post-religious culture. We believe that education, mediation and dialogue are essential to working through some of the contentious issues that present themselves to contemporary society. We invite real-life issues concerning religion from our members in both the Christian and Jewish faiths.”

David Gifford, CEO of CCJ says: “CCJ works to create constructive dialogue between Jews and Christians on a wide variety of topics, including the Israel-Palestine situation and the global economic crisis. Portico is merely an extension of this. We hope that by bringing the debate online we can start to get the younger generation to examine these political issues from their religious perspectives and come to a greater understanding of how we can move forward.”
Can Christians learn from the highly regulated patterns of grieving practised by observant Jews? How does a Jewish funeral proper compare and contrast with a Christian one?
Does this put Christians in touch with their ‘Jewish roots’, or involve something of a ‘colonial takeover’ of a Jewish practice which in at least some respects is probably centuries later than Jesus? Patrick led a candid discussion.
Exploring and reflecting on the Jewish experience of the second world war and its legacy, was the focus of an inspiring visit to Beth Shalom Holocaust Centre.
I had the great privilege of sharing with our Jewish friends of the Council of Christians and Jews an evening at St. Paul's Cathedral.