27/01/2015 7:45pm
We will watch the film Remembering the Holocaust.
29/01/2015 3:30pm
The programme will include a short lecture from Dr Andrew Chandler, director of the George Bell Institute, and a talk from Dr Martin Stern, a Holocaust survivor and member of the CCJ.
02/02/2015 7:30pm
Speaker: Rabbi William Wolff. Rabbi Wolff trained at Leo Baeck College and has worked in Communist countries for many years.
19/02/2015 7:30pm
Speaker: Dr Jane Clements, Director of the Council of Christians and Jews.

CCJ Position Statement: Israel

The Council of Christians and Jews (CCJ) believes that justice and a sustainable peace must be based upon the right for self-determination for Israelis and Palestinians. Israel has been a sovereign state since 1948 and its continued right to exist free from attacks on its existence must be beyond question. Self-determination for Palestinians is also likely to include a sovereign state alongside Israel, with both being economically and legally sustainable and with secure recognised borders.

CCJ believes that this must include mutual respect across all faiths and access to the numerous religious sites. CCJ is particularly concerned to encourage support for the minority Christian communities.

CCJ acknowledges the intense centuries-old relationship of the Jewish people with the land of Israel, just as we recognise the tragedy of the Palestinian people who left their historic homes. Each group must seek to understand the other’s history. We believe that future peace and security in the region will be based on looking forward and recognition of the human rights, civil liberties and religious freedom of all.

We abhor violence and the abuse of human rights, whoever the perpetrator and whatever the pretext. Neither can act as a building block to a just and sustainable peace.

To bring about a just and sustainable solution in the region CCJ promotes a strategy of positive engagement, investment and dialogue. CCJ opposes and deplores boycotts: these hinder the opportunity for dialogue. We welcome links with institutions and organisations which encourage cooperation and co-existence between all faiths. We support initiatives designed to increase understanding and respect for the individual.
CCJ is horrified at the news of a brutal terror attack on a bus in Tel Aviv, as Israelis went about their daily business this morning.
Some suggestions from us as to how members and branches can respond.
The Council of Christians and Jews is appalled by the abhorrent attack on the Hyper Cacher supermarket in Paris on Friday.
The Council of Christians and Jews wishes to express its horror at the terrorist attack on the offices of the Parisian magazine Charlie Hebdo