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Hate graffiti discovered in the Yad Vashem campus

Ten pieces of hate graffiti in Hebrew have on Monday (June 11) been discovered in the open campus of Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Education Institute in Jerusalem.



CCJ's Chief Executive, David Gifford, stated:

"The graffiti on the wall at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem is both disrespectful to those who perished and hugely insensitive to those who survived. It will achieve nothing other to feed deeper resentment and fear."

CCJ Project Manager, Fiona Hulbert, led a group of Christian clergy from Britain to study at Yad Vashem in March 2012. She said:

'It was a great privilege to be at Yad Vashem earlier this year and see the wonderful work they are doing to memorialise those who perished in the Holocaust and educate people today to challenge hatred and prejudice.

"All of us at CCJ are very distressed to see this graffiti, and want to assure everyone at Yad Vashem of our friendship and support. This shows that your work is needed today as much as it ever was.'