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  • Celebrating CCJ's 75th Anniversary


  • Statement on Christians in Gaza

    CCJ notes with concern that Christians in Gaza will not be permitted to visit Bethlehem for worship this Christmas for the first time. We recognise the importance of Israeli security concerns.  At the same time, freedom of worship is essential ... Read more

  • CCJ Student Leader Constantinos Rosca on Christmas

    Christmas- Being reborn The Christmas season for me as an Orthodox Christian is a new challenge every year. It is the challenge of whether I am prepared to be reborn, to experience my own renaissance together with the birth of Christ. Christmas ... Read more

  • CCJ Student Leader Alumnus Sophie Mitchell on Advent

    Advent: The waiting game   Christmas day, along with Easter day, is the most important day in the Christian calendar. In Western society, it is hard to avoid Christmas… It is everywhere! Filling the shops, the adverts and every conversation possible, it ... Read more

  • Rabbi Mason’s Sermon on Yom Kippur Day

    Yom Kippur Day 5780 A few years ago in one of my Yom Kippur sermons, I told you the story of the rabbi who said he didn’t fast on Yom Kippur and the 9th of Av – you remember don’t you! ... Read more