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  • Celebrating CCJ's 75th Anniversary


  • A Christian sermon for Holocaust Memorial Day

    Preached at Exeter Cathedral, Sunday 27th January 2019 Rob Thompson, Senior Programme Manager   Luke 4: 14-21 74 years ago Soviet troops liberated the concentration camps at Auschwitz. Today on the 27th January, on the anniversary of that liberation, we mark Holocaust Memorial Day. We ... Read more

  • Tu BiShvat: Waiting for Spring

    Monday 21 January will be Tu BiShvat, the Jewish New Year for Trees. This day, a marker for calculating fruit tithes, could have been relegated to obscurity once most Jews were no longer involved in agriculture. But trees are a ... Read more
  • Letter of solidarity to Jewish students at Essex University

    Dear Jewish Students at Essex University, We are faith representatives from universities around the country committed to enabling good relations between Jews and non-Jews. As students and young people of different faiths we wish to express our solidarity with you as you ... Read more

  • Holocaust Memorial Day and local communities

    Remarks given by Senior Programme Manager, Rob Thompson, at the Ministry of Housing, Communities, and Local Government’s Holocaust Memorial Day commemoration 2019 It is a privilege to be able to share with you some of my experience of the impact of ... Read more