• Christian-Jewish Leadership Study Tour Israel/Palestine - St. George's Square

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  • Rise In Antisemitic Incidents

    We at CCJ are dismayed and concerned by the report from the Community Security Trust, released this week, which indicates a rise in antisemitic incidents in the first half of this year and is especially worrying at this time of ... Read more

  • Please join us in reciting Psalm 23

    As a member of Collaboration House, we are privileged to be working in a diverse, socially active community with other interfaith and intercultural charities. Many of our colleagues in the building are Iraqi and we share their pain following the ... Read more
  • Tisha B’ Av-the fast of Av Blog

    The fast of the ninth of the month of Av (this year delayed by a day so as not to fast on the Sabbath) is one of the most significant fasts in the Hebrew calendar. It commemorates the destruction of ... Read more

  • On Sacred Spaces: A Christian-Jewish Perspective

    On Sacred Spaces: A Christian-Jewish Perspective Dr Stephen Innes, CCJ Scholar-in-Residence   When we talk about “sacred spaces” in each of our traditions, we must first ask an important question: what do we mean by “sacred”? Once we have a general understanding of ... Read more