• Pasha Shah, Senior Policy Adviser at DCLG with Director Elizabeth Harris-Sawczenko at CCJ's Freedom Seder

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  • CCJ Statement on NUS Elections

    Four candidates standing for NUS positions in this week’s National Conference have been found to have made antisemitic posts or comments on social media. Over the last year antisemitism has been a problem that has repeatedly appeared within the NUS, ... Read more
  • CCJ Statement For Yom HaShoah

    Today is Yom Hashoah, the Jewish community’s Holocaust Memorial Day. Its date was chosen as the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and Yom Hashoah is marked annually on its anniversary going by its Hebrew date, 27th Nisan. The day ... Read more

  • Domus Galilaeae, 2017 by Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg

    Last night Jews and Catholics, some two hundred of us, sung together around a bonfire ‘Hinei mah tov umah na’im – How good and pleasant it is for brothers and sisters to dwell together’. Last night we prayed Ma’ariv, the ... Read more