• Christian-Jewish Leadership Study Tour Israel/Palestine - St. George's Square

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  • Sukkot on Freedom Sunday

    This Sunday evening, Jewish communities will be moving outside into specifically constructed huts to eat, relax and some even sleep for the festival of Sukkot. The week-long festival is one of “shalosh regalim”, the three traditional pilgrimage festivals described in ... Read more

  • CCJ statement: Sir Sigmund Sternberg

    CCJ was saddened to hear the news of the death of Sir Sigmund Sternberg. His contribution to interfaith dialogue, especially between the Abrahamic faiths in the United Kingdom, was arguably the most important of recent decades. He was for many years a ... Read more
  • CCJ response to recent attacks in Jerusalem

    CCJ is saddened by the recent increase in violence between Israelis and Palestinians and particularly by the shooting in Jerusalem on Sunday which resulted in the death of two people and several others injured. Our thoughts and prayers are with ... Read more

  • A Conversation with Dean Hosam by Jane Clements

    A Conversation with Dean Hosam Jane Clements                         Dean Hosam (above)   Recently, I was privileged to find myself ‘in conversation’ with the Dean of St George’s Cathedral, Jerusalem, the Very Revd Hosam Naoum. This was under the heading of Jewish Christian dialogue in the ... Read more