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  • Celebrating CCJ's 75th Anniversary


  • CCJ Statement on Christchurch Mosque Shootings

    As Christians and Jews, we feel deep solidarity with the Muslim community in reaction to the horrific massacre of 49 innocent Muslims in Christchurch New Zealand while at prayer this morning in two mosques. These barbaric killings—and those at the Tree ... Read more

  • Where is God in the Purim story?

    It has always been puzzling that God is not mentioned once in the book of Esther – and yet it is still a fully-fledged Biblical book! Jewish tradition has a couple of different ways of resolving this issue. The first is ... Read more

  • Reclaiming Women in the Early Church

      Each of the epistles (letters in the New Testament) that is ascribed to an author, is ascribed to a man. The letters focus on the ministry of these men and so the view we can get of the early Church ... Read more

  • Women’s Wisdom in the Hebrew Bible

    “The wisdom of women builds her house.”   Women’s learning and leading has long been the subject of debate in Judaism. While opportunities for women’s education have blossomed in the last century, women are still often denied access to the textual ... Read more

  • A Christian sermon for Holocaust Memorial Day

    Preached at Exeter Cathedral, Sunday 27th January 2019 Rob Thompson, Senior Programme Manager   Luke 4: 14-21 74 years ago Soviet troops liberated the concentration camps at Auschwitz. Today on the 27th January, on the anniversary of that liberation, we mark Holocaust Memorial Day. We ... Read more